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In today's world, women should know some simple safety tips in order to keep themselves safe. Using your common sense should be the first tip. Trust your instinct and go with your feelings. If something does not feel right, get out of that situation quickly. When we go with our first thoughts, they're usually right on target.

In this area, you'll find safety tips for women to use in order to keep themselves safe. We are providing these tips so you can have the POWER of Knowledge, and so you may put them to use if ever needed. We hope these tips will help prevent you from becoming another statistic. We believe that if women know in advance how to react, they will have more power on their side to escape any dangerous situations that they encounter. Please keep yourself informed, and keep safe!

Safety Tips for Women:

Here are a few Domestic Abuse Internet Resources:

Women CAN learn Effective Self Defense at home!

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Self Defense Tips Tricks and Advice for Women PLUS FREE GIFTS How to use and increase your Mental Power and Psychological Abilities to Prevent and Survive Violence.

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The information contained on these pages is provided as a courtesy to My ParenTime's visitors. My ParenTime makes no representations or guarantees concerning the effectiveness of such information. In no event shall My ParenTime be held liable for any failure of such safety information.

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