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STOP SEX OFFENDERS Volunteers & Members

JOHN WALSH TEARS OF RAGEBelow you'll find a listing of positions available for volunteers, and a listing of websites owned by people who are helping us inform others about sex offenders, and in the process - they're also helping to give children the POWER of Knowledge! We can only list your website here if you provide a link to us, and if you tell us about it. If your site isn't listed here, why isn't it :)? Please help us inform others! Click here to find out more!


We'd like to thank all of our volunteers who dedicate their time to helping STOP SEX OFFENDERS. You are angels for helping us keep children safe. Find out more about becoming a Volunteer*!

Volunteering is very important to us (we no longer volunteer time as webmaster to other non-profit websites due to time constraints, but do consults on occasion). Publishing a community of 4 active websites can get a little hectic...which is why volunteers are so important. If you are interested in helping us, just visit this page. :)

Thank you!

Find out how to join - free! We occasionally check these links and remove outdated URLs. If we cannot locate our link on your website, your link will be removed. If we have removed your link in error, please let us know. *Links last checked: 10-6-15

  1. My ParenTime's Family Community
  2. Tobi's Fun Stuff - Say NO to Children's Pictures on the Web
  3. Pamela Butler - Tribute to a Little Life Lost
  4. Safeguarding Our Children - United Mothers Together (SOC-UM) *Site down indefinitely*
  6. Rosenberg & Associates
  7. The National Men's Resource Center
  8. Jupiter Parents
  9. Writer's Area
  10. Printable Checklists
  11. Feminisme
  12. The War Zone HELP and TRIBUTE Page
  13. Crime Spider
  14. Magic Tom
  15. M.A.K.O., Inc.: Movement Against Kindred Offenders
  16. Village of Oblong Illinois Police Department
  17. Layton Community Action Council LCAC
  18. Pitt County Schools
  19. Clark County Fire District 5
  20. Coulters Computer Consulting
  21. Sex Offender Updates

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