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Related Links

  • ABA Center on Children and the Law: Their mission is to improve children's lives through advances in law, justice, knowledge, practice, and public policy.
  • Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers: The ATSA is an international organization with a membership of over 1300 professionals committed to the prevention of sexual assault through effective management of sex offenders.
  • Australian Crime Stoppers: This organization has been helping to solve crimes in Australia for over 10 years.
  • Belgian Police: Report child porn in Belgium.
  • Biker's Against Child Abuse: This non-profit biker organization is working to create a safer environment for children.
  • Breaking the Silence: This Canadian site has information on preventing sexual abuse & for survivors.
  • Child Abuse Legislation Study Project: Their mission is to track bills, laws, and legislator performance on child abuse, incest, and domestic violence issues (formerly The Survivors' Voice).
  • Child Abuse Prevention Network: This site brings together professionals in the field of child abuse and neglect. They provide unique and powerful tools for all workers to support the identification, investigation, treatment, adjudication, and prevention of child abuse and neglect.
  • Child Protection Tips: From The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.
  • Darkness to Light: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Website.
  • Department of Health and Human Services: The HHS is the United States government's principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves.
  • Discussion Forum: System Abuse and Child Protection: Hosted by Pandora's Box.
  • E.H.A.P.: Ethical Hackers Against Pedophilia - EHAP is a "non-profit corporation formed to actively seek out and stop the exploitation of children on the Internet".
  • Holland Internet Hotline Against Child Pornography: They focus on the Dutch part of the Internet, and investigate all reports of child pornography on the Internet.
  • International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect: Their mission is to prevent cruelty to children in every nation, in every form. They are committed to increasing public awareness of all forms of violence against children, developing activities to prevent such violence, & promoting the rights of children in all regions of the world.
  • Justice Information Center: Extensive listings of links to criminal and juvenile justice websites.
  • Klaas Kids Foundation: They want to make the world safer for your children by stopping crimes against children.
  • Mothers Outraged at Molesters: M.O.M.s specialize in supporting adult survivors, parents of children who have been victimized and in the prevention of, being the next victims of a sexual predator.
  • They are dedicated to promoting the expansion of Megan's Law reporting in every state to include mandatory registry for all convicted sex offenders regardless of their age or when they were convicted..
  • National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse: Their vision is one in which every child is free from abuse and neglect, safely nurtured by a loving family,& supported by a caring community.
  • PANdora's Box: There are over 270 pages of child abuse prevention & protection resources at this site. Check it out!
  • Polly Klaas Foundation: Their goals are to find missing children, prevent child abduction, & educate the public.
  • Safeguarding Our Children - United Mothers: Find a lot of resources and support at this non-profit organization dedicated to "public awareness, education and prevention of child abuse, and a resource to those who have been wounded by childhood abuse".
  • SafetyEd International: Informative site on Internet safety education & child advocacy.
  • Security On Campus, Inc. (S.O.C.): This is the only national, non-profit organization geared specifically and exclusively to the prevention of college and university campus violence and other crimes.
  • (Help Put) Sex Offenders Behind Bars: A Victim's Advocacy Group, this site contains abuse statistics; the victim's own story, court transcripts, & letters, & other info.
  • Sexual Abuse Treatment, Research, Resource, and Referral: Articles, research, and other information on sexual abuse.
  • The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: This child protection organization's mission is to "locate and recover missing children and raise public awareness about ways to prevent child abduction, molestation, and sexual exploitation".
  • The National Center for Victims of Crime: This informative site's mission is to "forge a national commitment to help victims of crime rebuild their lives". They are dedicated to serving individuals, families and communities harmed by crime. Keep up-to-date with news & events; find an attorney; learn safety strategies; join in a discussion forum; & more.
  • The National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization: An organization "committed through research, education, advocacy, and activism to the prevention, treatment and elimination of all forms of sexual victimization of boys and men".
  • Web Wise Kids: Their goal is to is to act as an Internet safety resource center for parents, teachers and children.
  • U.S. Department of Justice-Bureau of Justice Statistics: BJS "collects, analyzes, publishes, and disseminates information on crime, criminal offenders, victims of crime, and the operation of justice systems at all levels of government".
  • Victims of Violence: Visit this Canada site to get more informed, and learn ways to keep your children safe from offenders.
  • Voices for Children: Sign their petition to help keep child molesters in prison.
  • Visit the largest safety organization on the Internet! (previously "")

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