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Letter Writing & Flyer Campaigns

Welcome! In this section we offer our help to those of you who are trying to change current laws, or who are trying to help inform others about child safety. We choose our campaigns from the numerous emails that we receive. All you need to do is print out the letter or flyer, and for the letters - fill in the names & addresses of your Representatives, and mail it in! It's that simple.

We've provided an easy access link for you to find your state's Reps, which you will find below. Just fill in your zip code and click "Find My Reps." Click "Back" on your browser to come back to this page after printing out your letter or flyer. We thank you for helping us with these worthy causes! See our current campaigns below:

  1. Campaign for State Sex Offender Registries on the Internet: Many visitors are upset that their state isn't among the states listed in our National Sex Offender Registry. One way to help get your state listed, is to write letters to your Representatives. We've made it easy for you. We have provided a letter for you to print out and send to your Representatives.

  2. Campaign for Background Checks for School Employees & Volunteers: It's unfortunate that all too often an environment that is supposed to be a safe place for children to learn, is plagued with individuals who have sorted histories. Schools should care enough to take the time to do thorough background checks on every single person hired to work in their school - every single teacher (substitutes and assistants included), janitor, office employee, volunteer, and anyone else who has access to children in a school setting. If background checks are done on some employees, why not everyone? If we can easily spot some offenders, we can finally begin to protect our children. Print out this letter and send it to your Representatives now!

  3. Campaign to Inform others to NEVER LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN UNATTENDED IN YOUR VEHICLE (English version): "Not Even For a Minute" is the slogan of Kids 'N CarsTM, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to pursue a greater level of public safety by addressing vehicle related non-traffic incidents that lead to death and injury when children are left unattended in or around a vehicle. Print out a few of these flyers, or make copies to carry with you. If you ever see a child left unattended in a car, please inform that parent to NEVER do it again. Leave a flyer underneath their windshield so they can learn that they shouldn't ever leave their child unattended -- "Not Even For a Minute"!

  4. Campaign to Inform others to NEVER LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN UNATTENDED IN YOUR VEHICLE (Spanish version): Spanish version of above flyer from Kids 'N CarsTM.

  5. Campaign for funding non-suspect rape kits: One in three women are raped every two minutes in the United States. Women undergo tedious testing afterward, expecting this information to be used to catch their rapist. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of rape kits are not tested -- they are left to gather dust in police department warehouses because police departments cannot afford $500-$1000 to test each kit. Where are our priorities? We're basically telling the women of America that they don't matter. We need to get the federal government involved, so they can fund the testing of every single rape kit. Can you imagine how many women we could possibly save by getting these rapists off the street? Please join us in this campaign! Write to the federal government, your state legislators, mayors, and local police chiefs.

    We really need your help! The more people who write in, the more Congress will listen to our concerns. We owe it to our Nation's children to write just one letter.

    Type in your zip code below to find out who the Representatives are in your city & state. Through this link you can also compose and send an email to your Representatives. If you'd prefer, you can copy and paste our letter to send an email.

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