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We've listed some important questions that STOP SEX OFFENDERS has received from you, our visitors. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact us.

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Q. I am looking for someone -- can you help me locate them?
A. We receive numerous emails asking us to help locate someone. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to help locate anyone. If you are seeking someone on the registry, or someone you believe should be on the registry, we suggest contacting the police department in your area.

Q. What should I do if my county or state doesn't have a registry on the Internet?
A. A good place to begin action is with your local representative. Lobby hard for what you believe in. If enough people voice their opinions, our representatives will respond.

Q. What happened to my state's sex offender registry? It was listed here at SSO, but now it's not.
A. A couple of things could have happened. First, it could be that your state's site is no longer accessible from the link that we had. If this is the case, we removed it until we locate the correct URL. It's also possible that some files were temporarily removed due to other reasons. If you contact us, we will try and find out why it was removed.

Q. I would like to work for STOP SEX OFFENDERS What can I do?
A. Your offer of help is so very much appreciated! SSO is run by caring and informed parents, and sadly, there are no paying jobs available at this time. We need Volunteers! Click here for available opportunities! You can also inform others of their right to know if there are sex offenders living in their neighborhood. Search for pedophile sites and report them to us - we will forward those URLs to the proper authorities. Also, if you know of any child safety products or other websites that we should include at our site, please let us know! If you have a website, you can join us by adding a link to SSO. This will direct people to us so they can get informed of their rights and also give their children the power of knowledge! See who's linking to us, and view some cool sightings!

    Here are some additional things you can do:
  • While at the park or at places where children frequent, be wary of suspicious people.
  • Begin a neighborhood watch program.
  • Ask (& support) your local police department to participate in the fingerprinting and videotaping of children.
  • Encourage daycare centers to adopt policies to make sure that children go with the correct family member when they leave.
  • Ask your legislators to support all bills that will help protect children, and those that strengthen penalties for those who commit acts of crime on children.

Q. How can I help others learn of their rights and what can I do?
A. Let others know of their right to know! Contact your Representatives and voice your opinions...the more people speak out, the more they will listen! Find your State Representatives and join us in our Letter Writing Campaign! Learn more about child sexual abuse (what to say and what to do).

Q. At what age should I begin talking to my children about stranger danger?
A. You should begin discussing stranger lures as soon as your child is old enough to speak and understand...usually by the age of three. They should also be taught about good touch & bad touch. Let your child know that ANYONE, including family members, do not have the right to touch their private areas, and that they should tell a trusted adult if needed.

Q. I just found out that there's a sex offender living in my neighborhood. I fear for my children. What should I do?
A. If the sex offender is registered, there is a chance that he is still on parole. If so, a restriction might be not to have access to children within a certain distance. That information may be public record. You cannot force people to move, but you can begin a neighborhood watch program. Inform everyone that there is a sex offender living in your neighborhood. If you call your local police department, they will come out and give your children safety tips. Make sure your children know who this person is, what they look like, where they live, and make sure they are told to stay far away from this person. Please make sure that they understand that if this person ever approaches them, they are to yell, run, and tell immediately. If you feel like a crime is being committed by this person, call your local law enforcement office...DO NOT take the situation into your own hands.

Q. How can I find out about a sex offenders' probation?
A. If a person was charged with a sex offense, he may be registered, which you will be able to find out if you visit your local sheriff's department. Depending on the state that you live in, your state may have their registry on the Internet.

Q. How can I find out when a convicted child molester is released from incarceration? What if the individual was underage at the time of conviction and sentencing?
A. You cannot find out this information unless you are the victim or the victim's family, and perhaps even then you can't because of the age of the perpetrator. You would need to contact the juvenile probation office to find the specific laws regarding this in your state.

Q. I found out that a convicted child molester has a permit to sell his merchandise in our city park, where children play. He served time in another state and is now back here. How do we get him out of here legally?
A. First, make sure that this person is a registered sex offender...either check with your local police department or see if your state has their registry online. If he was convicted in one state, has he re-registered in the state he currently resides in? Is he on probation or parole? If he is still on probation or parole, does it stipulate that he have no access to children? If he has served his time and is no longer on parole, ensure that he has registered with the state where he currently resides. Call your local police department, Crimes Against Children's Area (detective), and inform them that a registered sex offender is selling his goods in the park. Make sure they are aware that he was granted a permit. They should also be able to tell you what he was convicted of. If all else fails, or if he is no longer on parole or probation, you can call your local paper and enlist their help. Since the registration is public information, the paper can run a story. Depending on the circumstances, children might be at a greater risk. The most important thing you can do is educate your children. Let your children know that this is a person that cannot be trusted, and that they are to have NO contact with him. If the offender should try to engage them in conversation, they are to tell their parents immediately. If you suspect anything, call your local law enforcement office immediately.

Q. I know someone who has repeatedly sexually abused his daughters about 25-30 years ago. He was never prosecuted or treated for his crime, since the victim has kept these incidents a secret. In the meantime, this person has access to an increasing number of children each day. Can anything be done?
A. You would first need to find out if there is a statute of limitations in your state. If not, this person could still be prosecuted for the crimes he committed. It would also depend on if the victim is willing to get involved and have her secret come out.

Q. I cannot find a website for my state's registry. Do you know if one exists?
A. Our registry listings have been online since 1998, and are one of the most comprehensive on the Internet. We check our links every few months, so if there is a new registry it will be added. If you do not find your state listed, you can contact us and we will do our best to find out if your state has an online registry. In the meantime, you can visit your local police department to find out about registered sex offenders in your area.

Q. I have reason to believe that a child I know is being molested, she has told us of some incidents. What should I do?
A. You could contact the police and make a report, or you can check your state's website to find out the correct procedure and get a phone number for reporting child abuse in your state.

Q. I am a mother of 3 children who are living with their father and stepmother. My children have just told me that their father has abused my son, not sexually, but violently kicking him. Who do I contact? The courts are taking too long and I am scared he will do it again.
A. You can call the police first and then Child Protective Services. If it is an issue of the father having visitation and you being fearful, you could contact an attorney and try to get a temporary stay from visitations. If you are unable to afford an attorney, you could look in the phone book under Legal Aide and there should be legal help available.

Q. I have a friend who is underage and sexually involved with an older man who is a friend of the family. I don't trust this guy - how can I report him as a sexual offender without my friend knowing?
A. You should be able to report him anonymously to the police. Also, you could report him to Child Protective Services anonymously.

Q. I know of a sex offender who has been reported for not registering a correct address and is still getting away with it. What can I do to make sure he files under the correct registry?
A. Unfortunately, there are many sex offenders registered under the wrong address. Have you contacted the county where he is currently registered and informed them of the correct information? They should investigate and update the registry if they find his address is incorrect.

Q. I recently found out that someone I know is a convicted sex offender. Can I create a webpage about the offender to inform the public?
A. Although information about a sex offender registry is public knowledge, getting involved by creating a webpage about the offender might not the best way to go about informing the public. Legal ramifications may exist. Contact your local law enforcement to find out how to inform and protect your community.

Q. My friend told me that her daughter had confided in her and told her that she had been touched by her stepfather and abused by other relatives. Before I discussed it with my friend, I reported it to Child Protective Services. I thought I would be able to remain anonymous, but my friend spilled the beans. Now her whole family must endure questioning by CPS. I feel awful...did I do the right thing?
A. In any situation, if child abuse is suspected, reporting it is always the right thing to do. If you truly felt the child was in danger, you did the right thing by reporting it. Since your identity has already been disclosed, you should just try to be supportive of your friend and her family. Don't dwell on the past - just focus on the present and future :-).

Q. I have survived sexual abuse that took place nearly 26 years ago. I was 5 yrs old and the boy was 15-17 yrs old. He and his friend did things to me and his sister. He also molested my brother alone. I have since found out that he now has young boys of his own. Should I say something to him and his wife in a letter about my concerns for the safety of the children?
A. Thank you so much for writing and I am so sorry for the pain you suffered at the hands of another. I know that these memories and pain never truly disappear and stay with you forever. I hope that you are doing fine and have reached out to others that understand and can help you through your pain. In regard to your fears for the mans children...if you feel the potential is there that he could be abusing his children, you should take the threat seriously. My first suggestion would be to contact Child Protective Services and report your fears. You can do this anonymously and still fill them in on details as to why you have these fears. If you have reason to believe they are in immediate danger, please consider contacting the authorities with your fears. Again, you can do this anonymously. For the sake of the children, it is much better to be safe than sorry. Because this man had a history of abuse at a very young age, there is concern that he has reoffended. While there is no set criteria for this theory, it is much better to play it safe on the care of the children. His offenses against you many years ago, took away his right to not be checked on in cases involving children. That is not your concern any more than his victimization of you and your brother was your fault. He made those choices, you did not.

How to Respond to Child Abuse: What Should You Say & Do?

This FAQ is Copyright STOP SEX OFFENDERS. Copying of this list is not permitted. The information contained on these pages is provided as a courtesy to STOP SEX OFFENDERS' visitors. STOP SEX OFFENDERS makes no representations or guarantees concerning the effectiveness of such information. In no event shall STOP SEX OFFENDERS be held liable for any failure of such safety information.

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