STOP SEX OFFENDERS | AR: Officials favor sex offender registry
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AR: Officials favor sex offender registry.

February 5, 2003

By Armando Rios

Local law enforcement authorities are in favor of a bill making its way through the Legislature that would give the public access to information on the most serious registered sex offenders over the Internet.

Baxter County Sheriff Joe Edmonds and Mountain Home Police Chief Carry Manuel both said they would like to make the information available to the public through the internet.

The information would include the convicted sex offenders' addresses and their crimes.

"I am for this bill, as I feel that most law enforcement agencies throughout the state are," Edmonds said. "I am aware of it, and I knew it was coming before the state Legislature this year. We are more or less going back to what we originally had, and I feel this is a good bill not only for law enforcement, but for citizens also. I think citizens should be made aware of who the sex offenders are in our county and in our communities in Baxter County, so I hope that it passes."

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Source: 2003