STOP SEX OFFENDERS | CA: State Justice understaffed, overworked
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CA: State Justice understaffed, overworked.

February 1, 2003

SAN FRANCISCO -- A staff of 13 in Sacramento maintains the state's sex offender registry, typing in data mailed in by police, verifying fingerprint cards and scanning photographs into the database.

Last year alone, they handled more than 106,000 updates, Justice Department spokesman Mike Van Winkle said. They also work to make the database more accurate and useful to the public and police, and when people call 1-900-448-3000 for Megan's Law searches, they're the ones who respond to the calls.

"They appear to be an overworked, understaffed agency," said Detective Mark Stiefvater in Pleasant Hill.

Police in that Bay Area suburb say they know where 33 of their 34 sex offenders are, yet the state registry shows nine who haven't been heard from in more than a year.

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Source: 2003