STOP SEX OFFENDERS | NJ: Megan's Law offenders disappear from area.
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NJ: Megan's Law offenders disappear from area.

January 29, 2003

By Phil Garber

About 5 percent of the Megan's Law offenders registered in Morris County are missing and being sought by law enforcement, while about 100 have failed to register since the law was enacted in 1997, authorities said
The missing sex offenders are among 1,999 statewide who have tried to avoid registering although a majority have been caught and prosecuted or are awaiting trial.
Under the state's Megan's Law, convicted sex offenders who have been deemed to be "repetitive and compulsive," must register every 90 days in their county of residence.
All other offenders must register annually even if they have not changed their addresses.
All sex offenders also must register at least 10 days before moving.
Failure to register can mean up to 18 months in prison, according to Kathryn Broderick, the assistant Morris County prosecutor who leads the Megan's Law unit.

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Source: 2003 Mt. Olive Chronicle