STOP SEX OFFENDERS | CA: Big change in Little League -- Check for sex offenders.
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CA: Big change in Little League -- Check for sex offenders.

January 23, 2003

By Marjie Lundstrom

In this age of suspicion, where adults groom kids to be cautious, not carefree, the state of California is about to feel a big tug of parental angst.

As Little League ball clubs up and down the state gear up for play, the 2003 season arrives with a bold new mandate: Background checks for every manager, coach and volunteer who has regular contact with players.

The new rules were announced last fall at Little League headquarters in Williamsport, Pa., making it the first youth sports organization to require sex offender checks for its volunteers on a national level.

A month later, Boy Scouts of America announced it would require criminal background checks of new adult volunteers, beginning April 1.

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Source: 2003 The Sacramento Bee