STOP SEX OFFENDERS | AK: Residents fight to change sex offender laws.
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AK: Residents fight to change sex offender laws.

January 13, 2003

By Melanie Plenda

Stanley Brown was a parent to beautiful daughters, a janitor for the Juneau School District, a loving husband - and a rapist.

He was convicted of victimizing one of his family members, and his crimes sent emotionally crippling ripples through what was, by all appearances, a "normal, happy" family, said his wife, Janet.

And in less than six years, he may have a chance to do it all over again.

Janet Brown and family friend Teresa Williams formed a group they call "Pissed Off Parents," which wants to change how Alaska courts punish sex offenders.

"My husband's conviction has destroyed my family, not to mention a 27-year marriage that was basically all a lie," said Janet Brown. "He used me to portray a family and when he gets out, he'll have no obligations, no guilt - never having knowledge of what he did to us.

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Source: 2003 Juneau Empire