STOP SEX OFFENDERS | TN: Local Law Enforcement Announces Sex Offender Indictments.
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TN: Local Law Enforcement Announces Sex Offender Indictments.

January 7, 2003

By Jennifer Carmack

KNOXVILLE (WATE) -- Several law enforcement agencies are putting new pressure on sex offenders living in Knox County.

The sexual offenders registry task force announced indictments Tuesday of 13 people who have failed to register with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) Sexual Offenders Registry.

The registry was created in 1995 to keep track of where sex offenders live and work in Tennessee. Offenders are required to register quarterly with TBI.

Those offenders who don't register face a mandatory six months in jail.

The problem is, offenders who fail to register are often hard to find. Of the 13 indicted, only two are now in custody. One has passed away and the other 10 are still at large.

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