STOP SEX OFFENDERS | MO: State auditor's recommendations to bolster sex offender registry.
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MO: State auditor's recommendations to bolster sex offender registry.

May 30, 2002

Among State Auditor Claire McCaskill's recommendations to improve enforceability of Missouri's sex offender registry:

  • Missouri lawmakers should consider revising state law to allow the release of additional information about registered sex offenders, including physical descriptions and photographs.
  • State lawmakers should consider whether an appeals process should be established under which offenders could petition courts to be relieved of registration requirements after a mandatory period.
  • The Legislature should consider establishing local funding methodologies to help local law enforcers cover costs of enforcing the registration.
  • The Department of Corrections should promptly pursue enhancing the tracking system related to sex offender registration, and strengthen management oversight and compliance to ensure probation and parole violation reports are issued for offenders failing to meet registration and verification requirements.
  • The Missouri State Highway Patrol should expedite planned enhancements of its sex offender registration database.

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Source: 2002 News Tribune