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NJ: Predator Web site in N.J. lacks data.

January 2, 2002

By Wendy Ruderman

NJ: Predator Web site in N.J. lacks data

New Jersey will join at least 30 other states when it launches an Internet directory of sexual predators this month.

But New Jersey's registry will be missing crucial information that all the other state Web sites include: the town, street, or address where the offender lives.

Because of a federal court ruling, New Jersey's site, scheduled to debut Jan. 11, will be geographically searchable only by county.

"The fact is, these addresses are online in most states," said Stuart G. Koch, an associate professor at the College of New Jersey who served on the task force that crafted the Internet legislation.

In New York, for example, anyone with Internet access can type in a ZIP code and learn if a sex offender is living in the area. From there, visitors to the Web site can view the street address of each offender. Home buyers can consult the Web site to check out the neighborhood.

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Source: 2002 The Record