STOP SEX OFFENDERS | OH: Taft asks broader neighbor notice.
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OH: Taft asks broader neighbor notice.

September 19, 2002

By John Higgins and Sallie Cook

WOOSTER - The slaying of Kristen Jackson has prompted Gov. Bob Taft to call for a stronger Megan's Law.

The chief suspect in 14-year-old Kristen's death lived just one street away. He is listed as a sexually oriented offender -- based on a previous rape conviction -- but the law didn't call for neighbors to be notified.

Taft's chief legal counsel, Judith French, will lead a review of Ohio's 1997 law, which classifies sex offenders but only requires that neighbors be notified when the most serious ones move into their community.

Kristen disappeared from the Wayne County Fair on Sept. 9. The chief suspect in her slaying, Joel Yockey, was released in March after serving 15 years for kidnapping and raping a 17-year-old Wooster girl in 1986.

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Source: 2002 Beacon Journal