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MD: Website to list sexual offenders.

September 17, 2002

By Matt Vigorita

Residents living on and near the campus will soon be able to find out if a convicted sex offender is working or enrolled at the university simply by looking on an Internet database.
The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, which was enacted by the federal government in October 2000, mandates state law enforcement to notify university law enforcement - who then must notify the university community - of any sexually violent predators at the university.

Anyone with access to the Internet will be able to log onto a website listing sex offenders beginning next month. University Police reported 11 forcible sexual offenses in 2000, 10 in 1999 and 14 in 1998.

"If you know potential danger, you are in a better position to protect yourself," said Daniel Carter, vice president of Security On Campus Inc., a nonprofit organization devoted to fighting crime on college campuses. "Why do you think they have military intelligence? The unknown enemy is the one that can beat you."

Although University Police said the information will be available by the federally mandated Oct. 1 deadline, the state of Maryland has requested a six-month extension and is in danger of losing about $900,000 in federal grants used to fund state and local law enforcement programs. Maryland receives about $9 million annually from the grant.

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Source: 2002 The DiamondBack