STOP SEX OFFENDERS | MD: Md. sex offender site gets heavy Web traffic.
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MD: Md. sex offender site gets heavy Web traffic.

September 8, 2002

Some have concerns about public listing

By Foster Klug

BALTIMORE -- Since Maryland started an Internet site that provides information on convicted sex offenders nearly five months ago, officials say the site has received about a half-million hits.

The site, part of the state Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Web page, is now expanding to include links to registries from all states that list registered sex offenders online.

"The vast majority of counties in Maryland border other states," said Leonard Sipes Jr., a corrections spokesman. "You may have no sex offenders in your ZIP code, but there may be 20 in a state next door or in the District of Columbia."

The Maryland registry contains more than 2,700 names, 80 percent of them child sex offenders.

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Source: 2002