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MI: State Sex Offender Registry Shut Down.

June 5, 2002

LANSING - Michigan State Police plan to appeal a federal court ruling that the state's Internet sex offender registry is unconstitutional.

"We will be filing an appeal and we will also be seeking a stay that will effectively allow the law to be enforced as it has been," said Genna Gent, spokeswoman for Michigan Attorney General Jennifer Granholm. In the meantime, the state police have taken down the Web site that allowed computer users to type in their zip codes and see a list of local residents convicted of sex crimes.

"In response to this ruling, the Michigan Sex Offenders Internet site was deactivated as of 8:28 a.m. (Tuesday)," said Col. Stephen Madden, director of the state police. "(State police) will be sending notification to state, county and local law enforcement as well as state courts and the Michigan Department of Corrections that all provisions within the Michigan Sex Offenders Registry Act must be suspended."

U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts ruled Monday that the law was unconstitutional in a case involving a Royal Oak man.

The law required convicted sex offenders to register with the state police, including their current addresses. The state police also posted the information, including a physical description and date of birth on the Web site.

The Web site drew more than 120,000 hits in the first two days it was up in February 1999 and remained one of the most visited pages on the state site.

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Source: 2002 The Oakland Press