STOP SEX OFFENDERS | MI: Judge closes Michigan sex offender registry.
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MI: Judge closes Michigan sex offender registry.

June 5, 2002

DETROIT, Michigan (AP) -- A judge has ruled that Michigan's sex offender registry is unconstitutional, saying it lacks a way for people to challenge the government's claim that they are a danger to society.

U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts said the law violated the 14th Amendment, which guarantees the right to due process.

Michigan shut down its Internet sex offender registry Tuesday in response to the ruling. The state will appeal and file for a stay of Roberts' decision, a spokeswoman for Attorney General Jennifer Granholm's office said.

Monday's ruling was met with criticism from supporters of the registry who say it will restrict information that should be available to the public.

"I think it's a classic mistake of individuals deciding that criminals have more rights," Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, which is opposed to public dissemination of the registry, said it was pleased with the ruling.

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