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IN: Official Wants Registry Upgraded.

December 28, 2001

IN: Official Wants Registry Upgraded

SOUTH BEND - A Michiana organization believes the state's sex offender registry needs to be upgraded in order to provide additional protection to victims.

Patrick Mangan is the executive director for Citizens for Community Values in South Bend, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing pornography inspired sexual exploitation and violence against women and children.

The Indiana Sex Offender Registry was created in 1994. In Indiana the law is known as "Zachary's Law," named after a boy who was molested and murdered by a repeat sex offender.

At the time Zachary's family did not know the suspect lived in the area.

Magnan said the registry has become a key tool to protect the public from repeat offenders, and to alert schools, daycare centers and other organizations of repeat offenders in the area.

People convicted of sex crimes are required to sign up on the registry, which lists the offender's name and address.

Magnan plans to lobby the Indiana General Assembly to include photographs of the offender on the registry.

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Source: 2001 Pilot News