STOP SEX OFFENDERS | WI: Gap found in Wisconsin sex offender list
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WI: Gap found in Wisconsin sex offender list.

December 15, 2001

WI: Gap found in Wisconsin sex offender list

GRAFTON, Wis. -- Sex offenders from other states who have served their sentences are not required to register with local police when they move to Wisconsin, which means they can easily go undetected, officials say.

"We don't have these billboards welcoming you to Wisconsin and saying, 'When you come into Wisconsin, sex offenders register here,' said Sandy Cornell, a sex offender registry specialist for the Department of Corrections.

The recent case of Glen Barber highlights the need to refine state law to require all sex offenders to register their presence with local police and the community, a lawmaker said.

Barber, twice convicted of having sexual contact with children, arrived in Grafton from Minnesota last month and checked in with local authorities.

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Source: 2001 The Duluth Tribune