STOP SEX OFFENDERS | Louisiana: Launch of Makes Online Sex Offender Notification Service Available to General Public
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Launch of Makes Online Sex Offender Notification Service Available to General Public.

June 13, 2001

COVINGTON, La., June 13 -- Watch Systems, LLC today announced the launch of its iCrimeWatch Notification Service, a powerful electronic tool which provides Louisiana residents detailed maps of the locations of registered sex offenders in their area and ongoing monitoring and notification for any offenders that move within a mile of their home.

iCrimeWatch combines sophisticated mapping technology with the most updated sex offender databases to provide residents with useful, timely information about neighbors who might present an unknown risk. Residents can log onto today and enter their addresses for a free risk assessment that will let them know how many registered sex offenders currently live within a one, three, five and 10-mile radius.

For an annual subscription fee of $19.95, iCrimeWatch members receive complete maps, names and addresses of sex offenders living within a mile of their home or any other address they want to monitor. Should a registered sex offender move within a mile of the monitored address, the iCrimeWatch member receives an automated email alert notification with the name, address and mapped location of the offender. iCrimeWatch also supplies members with child safety tips and other valuable information to help educate families and help them better manage any potential dangers.

"For the first time since Megan's Law was passed five years ago, the general public now has a way to actively keep an eye on sex offenders in their neighborhood," said Lou Luzynski, managing partner of Watch Systems. "iCrimeWatch will have an immediate impact, keeping our communities better educated, better prepared, and, ultimately, safer."

Until now, only law enforcement agencies have had access to Watch System's breakthrough crime incident mapping and database technology. Technologies like iCrimeWatch help realize the real promise and power of Megan's Law by making it easier to tap and track up-to-date data about registered sex offenders. iCrimeWatch eliminates any need to constantly check with a number of law enforcement Web sites to monitor for this type of risk by automating the process and delivering the information in an easy-to-use format.

About Watch Systems, LLC

Watch Systems, LLC develops and manages Internet-based tools which allow law enforcement agencies, local governments and citizens to actively monitor their environments, promoting and maintaining the safety and well being of their communities. Watch Systems technologists recognized the important role that sophisticated mapping technology could play in the sex offender registration and notification process. WatchMap, the company's initial program, allows police agencies across the country to track and monitor sex offenders electronically. iCrimeWatch makes the same type of monitoring and notification technology available to the general public. For more information, please visit or

Source: PRNewswire