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Bates Bill Requires Sex Offenders to Disclose Presence on College Campus.

May 21, 2001

A Related Federal Bill Passed Last Year

For Immediate Release
Contact: Russell Lowery

Sacramento - Assembly Bill 4 by Assemblywoman Bates (R-Laguna Niguel) passed the State Assembly today.

AB 4 requires sex offenders who plan to be on a college campus as a student or employee must register with law-enforcement officials. This registration requirement will give campus police the information about sexual predators in the campus community that is available to other law enforcement agencies.

"We know that parents worry a great deal about the safety of their children when they are away at college," said Bates. "My legislation will help campus police defend students and school staff from sexual predators."

Current law requires that sex-offender information be provided only to the local law-enforcement agency where the offender lives. Because the college may not be in the same jurisdiction as the offender's residence, the college's law enforcement personnel and community may have no idea that a convicted sex offender is on their campus.

Legislation similar to the Bates bill passed at the federal level (HR 3244). According to HR 3244, States that fail to notify campus police about the presence of sex offenders risk losing federal funds.

The next legislative hurdle is the Senate Public Safety Committee.

Source: California State Assembly Republican Caucus