STOP SEX OFFENDERS | OTTAWA Canada: Liberals support Alliance sex-offender motion
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Liberals support Alliance sex-offender motion, but want to expand existing police database rather than create new registry.

March 13, 2001

OTTAWA (CP) - Federal Liberals supported a Canadian Alliance motion Tuesday to create a sex-offender registry but say they'll expand an existing police database rather than create a costly new system.

The vote to create a registry to keep track of released convicts was unanimous, at 255-0.

Solicitor General Lawrence MacAulay explained that Liberals supported the motion because the existing Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) fits the bill.

"We have a very efficient system in place, but any move that can be made in order to make it more efficient - that's exactly what we'll do," he said.

"We're not going to just spend dollars to create new registries."

The information centre registers convicted sex offenders. However, it doesn't keep regular track of changes, such as new addresses.

MacAulay said the government will improve the registry and update addresses but won't make official changes to the centre's mandate without agreement from provinces.

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