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MA: Sex offender didn't have to register in Waterville .

November 17, 2000

WATERVILLE, Maine (AP) A convicted molester who vowed to stay away from children four years ago is back in jail, accused of raping a 13-year-old boy and using a camera to record boys in a locker room.

Brian Moreau, 32, said when he was sentenced in 1996 in Cumberland County Superior Court for violating probation that he had ''made a decision to stay away from kids.'' He moved to Waterville when he was released.

In Waterville, Moreau was allegedly seen Sunday night with a camera in the boys' locker room at the Alfond Youth Recreation Center.

After a parent dialed 911, police investigated the incident and learned that Moreau was a registered sex offender. Officers raided Moreau's home and seized a computer that they believe contains photographs of children.

The gross sexual assault charge involved a 13-year-old boy and happened two weeks ago on abandoned property in the city, police said.

Moreau ended up in Waterville after completing a sentence for violating probation on an earlier child sex charge.

Moreau was not required to register with police because his convictions were for crimes that happened before 1992, when the the sex offender registry law went into effect, said Joseph Massey, deputy police chief in Waterville.

Moreau has a long history.

Before his release from prison in 1994, police distributed posters in Portland notifying residents that he planned to move in with his parents, who lived a half-block from an elementary school, said Portland Police Chief Michael Chitwood.

It marked the first time there was public notification of a sex offender moving into a neighborhood in the state.

Chitwood called Moreau an ''animal.''

''This guy comes across the radar screen as probably one of the top predators, and he has publicly stated he still likes children. He bragged in 1994 that he likes children best,'' Chitwood said Thursday.

Source: The Boston Globe, Associated Press.