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Payne family living near paedophiles.

October 7, 2000

UK: Ananova Ltd

Payne family living near paedophiles.

The family of the murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne have discovered that there are a number of paedophiles living close to their new home.

The family moved to Hersham in Surrey in an effort to rebuild their lives following the murder of the eight-year-old in July, but they were unaware that six paedophiles were living nearby.

So far police have refused to give the Paynes any details and Sara Payne said her other children will live in fear until a change in the law makes sex offenders known to the public.

Their new home is said to be close to the scene of a harrowing sex attack on a 14-year-old schoolgirl.

The man accused of molesting her is currently on bail and living in Cobham, just a short walk from the Paynes while five other convicted paedophiles live within a five-minute radius of their new home.

Sara Payne said: "Naturally, we are devastated. I demand to know who these people are. Anyone in authority with an ounce of compassion would realise it was right to tell me. How can I go through this again? All we need to know is who and where they are so we can be vigilant. No rational person would seek to harm these people."

Michael and Sara Payne will lobby William Hague at the Tory Party conference in Bournemouth this week and they'll also meet shadow Home Secretary Ann Widdecombe to put their case for Sarah's Law.

Mum Sara said: "If you can meet people face to face you get your story across better. We hope to win their support for a full Sarah's Law. It is essential for Britain to have this in order to protect children from paedophiles."

Last week the couple held a meeting at the Labour party conference in Brighton and they are inviting Tory MPs to a meeting in Bournemouth on Tuesday.