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CA: Assembly Backs Online Sex Offender Database.

January 27, 2004

Names, Addresses Of Serious Offenders Would Be Listed

SAN DIEGO -- Sexual offenders convicted of the most serious crimes could soon be listed on the Internet under a bill approved late last night in the state Assembly.

Most states make the database available on the Internet, but California law currently requires that the registry be viewed at a local law enforcement office. In San Diego County, online maps show the approximate locations of serious sex offenders living in the community, but specific names and addresses are not displayed.

Under the bill by Assemblywoman Nicole Parra, detailed information about approximately 57,000 serious and high-risk offenders who have been released into the community would be put online.

For high-risk offenders, those who have been convicted of more than one violent sexual offense, the online Megan's Law database would automatically show convicts' home addresses. Prosecutors would be able to ask a judge to add a high-risk offender's workplace address, make and model of vehicle, and whether the convict is attending a university or vocational school to the Internet database.

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Source: 2004