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One Simple Secret: Stopping These "Lures"
in Their Tracks

Cut the Conversation!

"Do not get into a conversation with them. As soon as they start to talk to you, get out of there...Bam, youíre out of thereÖGet your knees in the breeze." - Detective J.J. Bittenbinder, "Street Smarts: Straight Talk for Kids, Teens & Parents," PBS

"You must be prepared to handle inappropriate behaviors immediately to let the abuser know that you will not tolerate abuse." - Denise Martin, founder of SAVVY! Portland, Oregon

One of the most empowering messages regarding staying free from the lures of Tricky People was presented by Detective J.J. Bittenbinder in his Street Smarts video. He explains that "anytime you have a lure, and he [the abductor] starts the lure, itís a dialogue you have with the child. As soon as the dialogue starts the kid says Ďnoí and walks away. And I donít care what lure it is, itís overÖ.You donít allow a dialogue."

The more the dialogue continues, the more "engaged" the child becomes and the more easily he or she will be seduced by the "scripts" of the molester or abductor. But the child has one strong power, which will allow him to stop the lure in its tracks. If your child understands this one simple rule- cut the dialogue!-his chances of being "lured" by strangers is reduced dramatically.

    If a stranger comes to you
    And starts to lay a rap
    Donít hang around
    Donít fall for his trap
The message of "cutting the dialogue" brings with it a source of power for the child. Children are at an extreme disadvantage compared to an adultís size and mental capability. A child may think, "How can I stay safe? What power do I have over a big adult?" They may be smaller than an adult, but they still have power. They have eyes to see, ears to hear, a voice to yell, legs to run and feelings to trust. Children should understand that they have those powers and that being smart is better than being big and tough.
    Youíve got your eyes that can see
    Youíve got your ears that can hear
    Youíve got your heart that can feel
    Youíve got your feet that can get up
    And run like the wind
When children understand that they have the choice to "cut the dialogue" and use their powers to stay away from Tricky People, they will understand that they can keep themselves safe.

Action Steps

1. Instruct your child how and when to "cut the conversation.Ē

The rules regarding talking to strangers apply here: if a person that your child does not know tries to start a conversation, your child should "not make the connection." Instead, he or she should "cut the dialogue." Look away, walk away, and, if necessary, yell for help and run away.

2. Test your childís ability to "cut the conversation."

Practice a variety of engaging "lines" that might attract your child to respond, such as "Thatís a cool skate board youíre using, where did you get it?" or "Youíre so pretty. Have you ever modeled?" Then, have your child show you how to "cut the conversation" and get out of there.

1 "G.O.M.F.Ē (Get Outta My Face) from Canít Fool Me! Yello Dyno Records.

Copyright © Yello Dyno. Since 1987 Yello Dyno has helped more than 1 million children "walk tall" and "be smart" in today's exciting but increasingly dangerous world. The program provides educators, parents, and children with carefully designed educational and recovery tools. Through Yello Dyno, the children's safety champion, the program's unique entertainment-driven approach assures that personal safety for children is fun, non-fearful and empowering. Mention My ParenTime with any order and receive a discount! Reprinted with permission.

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