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Guide to Protecting Your Child from Violent Kids: Part VI

Imminent Warning Signs of Kids Who Kill

  • Recent stressful event: "Breakup" with presumed or real girlfriend, victimization (persecution) by peer group, conflict with parent, school personnel or authority figure.

  • Excessive feelings of isolation and being alone: if associated with behavior that is aggressive or violent, take note.

  • Dramatic drop in grades: or attendance.

  • Considered "weird" or dangerous by peers.

  • Detailed threats of lethal violence, verbal, in writings and/or drawings.

  • Preoccupied with weapons, explosives or other incendiary devices.

  • Severe Rage, "out of control," for seemingly minor reasons.

  • Overt self-injurious behaviors or threats of suicide.

  • Cruelty to animals and smaller children.

  • Fascination with fire and fire-setting.

Characteristics Common to Violent Kids
  • Loners/social outcasts

  • Physically healthy: not likely to be physically handicapped or disabled.

  • Attend public school, no participation in pro-social groups or "normal" pastimes, socially immature.

  • Members of alienated groups or gangs.

  • Peer/relationships conflicts, including girl problems.

  • Poor parent and sibling relationships, child abuse.

  • Family history of mental illness, personality disorders or substance abuse, but only about 10% of violent kids have severe mental illness. Depression, suicidal tendencies.

  • As infants - colicky, temperamental, delayed milestones, history of bed-wetting. Problems with attachment and bonding.

  • Display chronic anger, anger and power struggles within the family.

  • Distrustful and secretive with adults in authority.

  • Negative self-image and/or unstable self-esteem.

  • Inappropriate access to, possession of, and use of firearms.

  • Violent fantasies, strong attraction to real and fictional violence in media, movies, video games and music.

  • Premeditation/planning/surveillance of targets.

  • Victims of bullying since preschool.

  • Multiple psychological stresses imagined or real, including rejection, discipline, humiliation.

  • Inability to accept responsibility and blame.

  • Cruelty to animals; fascination with fire/fire-setting.

Read our review of the book, Raising Safe Kids in an Unsafe World.

Copyright Yello Dyno. Since 1987 Yello Dyno has helped more than 1 million children "walk tall" and "be smart" in today's exciting but increasingly dangerous world. The program provides educators, parents, and children with carefully designed educational and recovery tools. Through Yello Dyno, the children's safety champion, the program's unique entertainment-driven approach assures that personal safety for children is fun, non-fearful and empowering. Mention My ParenTime with any order and receive a discount! Reprinted with permission.

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