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7 Secrets from the Pros on Keeping Your Children Safe from Abduction & Seduction

What Can You Do to Make a Difference? Take these 3 simple steps to make your child safer!

"An ounce of parent is worth a pound of police." - Connecticut State Information Police Officer.

1. Do your homework - learn the important, simple, and non-fearful steps to educating your child on how to stay safe.

For 18 years as a San Francisco Bay-area police investigator Seth Goldstein fought the battle to convict people who sexually abuse children. Over the past 11 years, Mike and Melody Gibson have found thousands of missing children through their organization, Operation Lookout/National Center for Missing Youth in Mukilteo, Washington. Yet, there is one book which both Goldstein and the Gibsons believe can do more good than all of their years of hard work - "Raising Safe Kids In An Unsafe World: 30 Simple Ways to Help Prevent Your Child From Becoming Lost, Abducted, or Abused." The reason: the knowledge in this book can help prevent children from becoming molested or abducted in the first place.

Child molesters should not be the only people doing their homework. Parents must educate themselves. "Raising Safe Kids" is so powerful that law enforcement officers are reading it to get all of the latest information. In fact, one police officer is using the book to train policemen in Austin, Texas, on child molestation and abduction prevention. This handbook with simiple action steps was written based on research from the FBI, missing children's associations, legal organizations, and parent experience. Yet, it is so simple and straightforward that parents quickly grasp the important information and immediately begin implementing the knowledge into their chidlren's personal safety education, easily and non-fearfully. Written by Jan Wagner, Founder of Yello Dyno, with a forward by Goldstein, this is one of those rare books that can truly make a difference in a child's life. The knowledge in "Raising Safe Kids" is very simply the best weapon a parent coiuld have in the fight against child sexual abuse and abduction.

2. Give your child the knowledge and wisdom to stay safe using the power of music.

There is an educational tool that charms children and makes it possible for them to understand difficult concepts. It is music. Teaching through music is therefore one fo the cornerstones of Yello Dyno's non-fearful approach. The Yello Dyno Program has been offering safety education through music for many years. Yello Dyno's newest album, "Can't Fool Me!," includes eight fun songs that teach children ages 3 to 12 to steer clear of "tricky" people, toi understand that they have rights to their own bodies, that they can say "no" to any adult whenever they feel uncomfortable, and more.

Music is powerful, fun, non-threatening, and easy for children to remember. Countless parents have expressed their joy - and relief - with the music's success. Without question, music gives parents an invaluable aid in this challenging area of parenting.

3. Carry child identification on you at all times.

If your child was missing what would you rather be doing - standing answering a long list of an officer's questions or having that officer, and others, begin looking for your child right away? In this situation, the first thing police need is an accurate and immediate description of your child. Do not try to rely on your memory at this point - your mind will be so frantically focused on finding your child that you may cause more confusion than clarity, all of which will delay the quick recovery of your child. Also, do not think that a child I.D. kept at home (like a video I.D., a home fact file, or a snapshot) will help in this situation. Too many parents make this mistake and do not get prompt law enforcement attention in getting to the task of locating their child. Police and law enforcement need proper identification before they can take action.

Parents who carry Yello Dyno's "Immediate Response Child I.D." cards in their wallets carry the insurance that if their child is lost the officers will not waste any time in the child's search because the I.D. card will contain the key information they need before they can search for a missing child.

Read our review of Raising Safe Kids in an Unsafe World.

Copyright Yello Dyno. Since 1987 Yello Dyno has helped more than 1 million children "walk tall" and "be smart" in today's exciting but increasingly dangerous world. The program provides educators, parents, and children with carefully designed educational and recovery tools. Through Yello Dyno, the children's safety champion, the program's unique entertainment-driven approach assures that personal safety for children is fun, non-fearful and empowering. Mention My ParenTime with any order and receive a discount! Reprinted with permission.

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