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My ParenTime's Family Community is a family community that aims to inform, educate, & entertain! One website in our community is, an important and well-known website that contains a lot of information on child safety. STOP SEX OFFENDERS's most important goal (other than informing our Internet visitors), is to help protect our most precious gift...our children. We'd also like to help protect you and your family. We believe that someone who's informed is armed with a weapon of knowledge. STOP SEX OFFENDERS is your one-stop source for child and family safety information!

We have one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date listings of online state registries, and our website places first - fifth position in many search engines. We exist because you have the right to know! And Internet visitors DO want to know -- and when they visit us, they'll also be visiting you - at the top of every one of our webpages!

Thank you for inquiring about advertising at with our new "Text Ads!" After receiving numerous emails asking about text ads, we are pleased to announce that we now offer this affordable advertising throughout our website (top-based only)! Please be sure to contact us first for availability dates. We have also implemented Text Ads on and on's and homepage, and on as well.

* The advertising information below is strictly for TEXT-BASED ads at
Please contact us with your text ad request -- we will then send you an invoice. After you pay for your ad, you will be redirected to our contact page. If for any reason you are not forwarded, please email us to confirm information about your website. For banner & button advertising, please use our contact page for information.*

Our website community averages a few hundred page views per month, and each page of our community is linked to In addition, our website community has been noticed by some well-known places, both nationally and internationally. We're located at online public libraries, newspapers (online & off for reviews, news articles, and reference), online television stations, online radio stations, police department websites, and government websites. We've also shown up in many online newsletters and bulletin boards. We seem to keep popping up everywhere! :) We've also gathered a following on our Facebook page -- won't you join us?

Here is one of's recent sightings: STOP SEX OFFENDERS is linked as a resource to the news information article, "Nebraska Sex Offender List: Omaha World-Herald, March 9, 2003. View our Cool Sightings page and About Us page for more sightings and information! For well-known sightings of our other partner sites, visit the following pages: About, and About

Our website is continuously updated with more useful checklists for our Internet visitors. Read some of our testimonials!

We are currently offering affordable text advertising contracts for 3, 6, or 12 months, with our lowest prices ever! Viewing your cart allows you to come back to this page and/or click on another of our community pages to purchase text ads for our other websites as well! See below for these unbelievable offers!


  • Text ads are limited to 30 characters, including spaces. We retain the right to shorten your listing if it exceeds this limit, but we will first email you to try and receive an updated link from you.

  • The URL provided for your text ad must not redirect visitors to a different URL. If the URL you provide changes after we have checked and added it, and thus redirects visitors to another URL without our permission, this is terms for removal without refund. Affiliate links are permitted, but must not conflict with our own affiliate relationships. If you would like to advertise an affiliate link, please contact us first for approval.

We accept credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal transactions. Please contact us for current pricing.

We accept credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal transactions

Currently Available:

Top based text ads (located just below top button and banner ads, in a yellow background; now RUN-of-SITE).

Monthly 3 Months* 6 Months* 12 Months*
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*Currently displays approximately 10 advertisers/month; text placement is first-come first-served. If in the event we receive payment for your ad and there are no available slots, we will either hold your ad until the next availability, or place your credit toward other advertising. All ads must be prepaid in full. Prices may change at any time.

All rates are monthly unless otherwise stated. Rates are also for unlimited impressions! When we reap the benefits of our popularity, so do you! We are always welcoming new advertisers -- we'd be pleased to welcome you to our family :)!

If you are interested in placing a new text ad on STOP SEX OFFENDERS's homepage, or another type of ad (banners, buttons, text in newsletter) or other form of advertisement, please contact us -- we'll send you a reply email with more information. We will send you the link where you could pay online, or the mailing address where to send a check or money order.

We look forward to you joining us! Please email us with any questions you may have.

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